I am a graphic designer with a degree in Visual Communication and Design from Eastern Washington University. One thing I enjoy about the field of graphic design is that it's always changing, especially with all the new technology, and there are many different directions in the field. I enjoy branding, packaging, and layout design, but I also have also worked a little with web design, and I am interested in exploring audio and video as well. 

I want to explore design and see where it can lead me. I want to experience and learn as much as I can in the industry. Design is ever-changing, so I believe that I always have something new to learn.

As for what I do in my spare time, I enjoy drawing, painting, reading, and playing video games. I often find inspiration from the things I do in my spare time. I also enjoy sewing, and I spent most of my life at EWU working for their theatre's costume shop as a seamstress.
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